Wednesday, 15 August 2012

About this Blog

This blog is a collection of posts on the running of a minimal rpm based installation of Linux using Centos 6. They are primarily to remind myself how I did certain tasks and to comment on software I may try out.

The 'Desktop' which I use is simply a window manager (Fluxbox), a file manager (Thunar, borrowed from Xfce) and a terminal emulator (Rxvt). This innocuous combination is devastatingly fast as most of the programs run on it are opened with a single keystroke.

Centos 6 with Fluxbox Thunar Rxvt Firefox
 Convert the 'Desktop' to a headless server with Ctrl+Alt+F4.

It is also an excellent choice for qualification students.

It is assumed that the Epel repo is enabled as standard and that the user has elevated privileges.
I am a student at the Open Univerity in the UK


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